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Graphic design

My main profile is the graphic design. Since 2009 I already working now or worked before almost every section of this profession. I don’t believe in the boring or ordinary solutions. New ideas, usable and simple as perfect that’s how I imagine my work.

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Intros & videos

Our videos sorted for three main category. Here you can find short shoots for adverts, teaser trailers and intros. Beside these you can watch how mascots are born, of course not in real time, speed art is a accelerated video what contains 30-40 minutes in 3 minutes

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some of my work
Graphic Design
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Pin up designs for Gun-Works
Branding, Fashion, Graphic Design
1 View Project
The Adobers
Character Design, Digital Art, Drawing
1 View Project
The storehouse
Architecture, Graphic Design, Industrial Design
1 View Project
Brotherhood of Steel office
Architecture, Industrial Design, Digital Art
1 View Project
Branding design | TexCalibur
Branding, Graphic Design
1 View Project
BOS logo reborn
Graphic Design, Illustration, Branding
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“…at the end of the day came up with the perfect logo.”

Roy Martindale
Right to Bear Arms Co.
United States – Edmond

“I enjoyed working with Szadvari. He had good questions to get started and provided updates and versions of his work as the project progressed. This project was the design of a logo and when I would ask questions such as “can we incorporate this image” or “what if we did this” he would run with the idea and at the end of the day came up with the perfect logo.

“…our Hungarian hero Szadvari…”

Yang-chu Higgins
California Center for Conscious Acupuncture
United States – Los Angeles

“Many freelancers just post their profiles up with rote responses that shows they haven’t really even looked at what the project involves. That’s not the case with our Hungarian hero Szadvari.

I had an extremely easy editing project but he finished it very quickly and didn’t try to add extra time. Overall, very reasonable person and got the work done.

I was extremely pleased with his designs…

Chris Abraham

United States

“I was extremely pleased with his designs right off the bat, he understood the vision and delivered a really great product. 5/5 would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a logo, especially if there’s a mascot involved.”

This designer was outstanding during the entire process…


United States – San Francisco

This designer was outstanding during the entire process. He was willing to resubmit designs upon request. He was active during the entire contest. I could count on him to go the extra mile throughout.

I would absolutely work with this designer on a one-to-one basis.

Well done.